RMM ( is embarking on a journey to raise $25,000 through our 2019 IMAGINE online campaign.

For the past 24 years, Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries (RMM) has been imagining a better world, and we've been working to realize this better world through our vital programs and services for the most vulnerable.  However, we can't get there alone, we need YOU to imagine with us! With your help, RMM can continue to IMAGINE:

  • HOPE for survivors of domestic violence
  • SAFE SPACE for teens
  • FOOD for the hungry
  • SUPPORT for military veterans in transitional housing
  • TUTORING for children and youth
  • WARMTH for those living on the streets
  • COMMUNITY for homeless families
  • PEACE for all!

Join our Campaign! You can donate here on the home page, a fundraiser's page, or make your own fundraiser page. The fundraiser group that raises the most money will win a happy hour on our roof, donated by a RMM board member.

  • Your donation is tax deductible.
  • Please check if your place of work has matching donations.
  • Check out RMM on social media - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@RMMNYC) - for fun campaign updates and pass the word along about the campaign!
  • Share our campaign with others by email and social media

Together, let's IMAGINE a better person at a time! Thank you for your support.


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